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It is vital that visitors, workers and shoppers feel the city centre is a pleasant place to spend time. Dublin City Business Improvement District is committed to working with the Gardaí and other groups to ensure that the city centre is a safe place to socialise, shop and do business.

In particular, we are focused upon the issue of anti-social behaviour and the way in which it impacts our members businesses and people visiting the city.  The aim of Dublin City BID is to take positive practical steps to tackle this issue.

We urge our members to continue reporting any crimes or incidents of anti-social behaviour that they may witness or experience in their business or area.  This will ensure that as many perpetrators as possible are brought to justice and the area becomes a safer place.

We continue to lobby on behalf of our members business interest with regards to issues that may directly and negatively impact the safety and security of the area.

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Purple Flag

Dublin City BID are delighted to announce the first ever Purple Flag accreditation in the Rebulic of Ireland. The Creative Quater area which includes the Dame District has been declared a Purple Flag area as a result of it’s excellence in a night-time economy.

Dublin City’s Creative Quarter and Dame District on Monday 4th February 2103 joined the town of Ennis in Co Clare as the first places in the Republic of Ireland to receive the prestigious, international Purple Flag award.

Similar to the Blue Flag given to our finest beaches and the Green Flag that flies in our most eco-friendly schools, the Purple Flag is an accreditation scheme that honours excellence in the appeal and management of a town or city centre area between the hours of 5pm and 5am. Read more.

Go to our Purple Flag page to see videos and presentations from the speakers at our ‘Managing the Evening Experience’ Conference

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Anti-Social Behaviour

The aim of Dublin City Business Improvement District is to take positive practical steps to tackle anti-social behaviour. Some of the ways in which we do this are:

  • The “Better City for All” report

The “Better City for All” report was launched in June 2012 by the Strategic Response Group of which Dublin City BID was a key member. The report contains 61 recommendations across a range of headings such as Treatment, Rehabilitation, Alcohol Supply, Policing, Legislation and Planning & Urban Design. The recommendations are also broken into achievable timescales of short, medium and long-term recommendations. An implementation group, with Dublin City BID as a member has begun its work of fulfilling these recommendations. While there is no quick-fix solution for the antisocial behaviour issues that have developed in the city centre over the mistakes of the past decades, we firmly believe that the implementation of the “Better City for All” report will bring about significant, long term positive change in the city centre. View a copy of the report here.

  • We work with the Gardaí to help inform members of initiatives in their area
  • Report and record incidents of anti-social behaviour – these are sent to the Gardaí on a weekly basis to help inform policy
  • Work with members through our Area Action Groups to address specific local issues e.g. the recent gating of Glendenning Lane
  • Support of the Ana Liffey Drug Project who work with people experiencing addiction, to minimise the harm that problematic drug use causes them, their families and the wider community
  • We provide additional street lighting to ensure increased safety on darker streets and lanes.


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Working with Gardai

Dublin City Business Improvement District work closely with the Gardaí in both Pearse Street and Store Street Stations. We regularly organise briefings on crime and fraud prevention and liaise with the community Gardaí to provide support to BID members where needed.

Recently, Chief Superintendent Pat Leahy commented:

“I have worked in the city centre for many years now both in Pearse Street and in Store Street.  I was an Inspector in Pearse Street when the BIDS concept was first considered for the city centre and I have been a keen observer ever since.  Since taking up the position of Chief Superintendent at Store Street in 2009 I have experienced an ever increasing engagement with BIDS and have changed from being an observer to consider BIDS as a key strategic stakeholder in the development and delivery of policing services in the city centre.

I can say without fear of contradiction that BIDS has significantly influenced policing strategies and indeed the mindset of police practitioners in the city centre and this has resulted in an increased customer focus and results orientation for policing in this area.  The development of policing strategies in the city centre is no longer a unilateral process in which the police decide what service will be provided to it’s constituents, it has now developed into a stakeholder influenced approach which attempts to meet the needs of customer groups.  This approach has been significantly influenced by BIDS and is often facilitated by BIDS through it’s network of contacts in the business community and it’s operatonal/hands-on approach to problem solving.

The BIDS report which I recieve weekly, influences the deployment of policing resources and highlights issues of importance to our constituents.  This is an invaluable resource which also provides feedback on our resourcing decisions.  The cohesion that BIDS brings to the city centre facilitates a collegiate approach to improving the overall experience of consumers and other customer groups and significantly contributes to making the city centre a ‘Safer Place to Live, Work and Visit” .


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Joint Policing Forum

Dublin City Business Improvement District represents its members on the Joint Policing Forum. The forum, which meets monthly, brings together Gardaí, politicians and representative bodies to discuss issues relating to the policing of the city.  Dublin City BID represents the voice of city centre business in discussions around concerns such as crime levels, anti-social behaviour and the concentration of social infrastructure in the city centre.

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Lobbying and Petitioning

One of the areas that we represent our members on is the disproportionate amount of social infrastructure in the city centre. This does a disservice both to the people who need assistance and to the business community. It has also been proven that that the location of social infrastructure can have a negative impact on inward investment. We have raised this point at many levels and will continue to campaign for positive action. We have had success in the past with our opposition of the Bridge Project Prisoner Rehabilitation Centre which was proposed for Wolfe Tone Square. We also made submissions for the Begging Legislation and our suggestion that the organisation of begging be considered a crime was included in the revised legislation.

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Report a Crime

It is imperative that if a crime takes place on your premises that they report it to the Gardaí. While it can be frustrating to go to court only to see a case postponed, if crimes are not reported and followed through with witness statements then the perpetrators of these crimes will not be brought to justice. Dublin City Business Improvement District’s members were instrumental in the recent introduction of ASBOs which will make it easier for Gardaí to tackle anti-social behaviour. As such it is more important than ever to contact the  Gardaí  if you are a victim of a crime.

Store Street Garda Station: 01 666 8000

Pearse Street Garda Station: 01 666 9000

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