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Dublin City Business Improvement District works to ensure that visitors and shoppers are provided with a positive impression of the city. A clean and pleasant environment has a subliminally positive effect on shoppers, while dirty, grimy streets are an active turn off for consumers and decrease footfall.

From the outset, we made a commitment to our members to provide:

  • Additional pavement sweeping and washing
  • Prompt removal of graffiti and fly postering
  • Attractive flowers and shrubs to brighten the city’s image
  • Improved street lighting
  • Clearer directional signage
  • Additional litter bins

We have:

  • Successfully lobbied for a €12m investment for the regeneration of the Grafton Street area
  • Introduced a rapid response street cleaning team to the BID area which responds to in excess of 25 emergency cleaning needs daily
  • Launched an Evening Crew that operate from 8pm to 4am, Thursday-Sunday and provide additional rapid response cleaning and tourist assistance.
  • Provided additional street lighting to the BID area
  • Removed 25,000 square metres of graffiti together with weekly flyposter and sticker removal
  • Supported the introduction of new pedestrian directional signage
  • Provided street washing during the summer months
  • Provided lane washing and disinfecting
  • Placed 35 summer and winter floral displays throughout the city
  • Transformed grey utility boxes into key information points for visitors
  • Secured additional street bins where required

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Dublin City Business Improvement District provides a rapid response cleaning service to our members. The purpose of this service is to ensure that any dangerous or unsanitary waste is removed from the BID area within an hour of it being reported. We also provide additional cleaning for lanes and secondary streets to ensure that they maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness.

The cleaning carried out by Dublin City BID is in addition to that provided by Dublin City Council (DCC) who are responsible for cleanliness levels in the city centre. We have put an agreement in place with DCC which outlines the minimum amount of cleaning that must take place in the BID area. We monitor this baseline agreement and ensure it is delivered.

An independent report carried out by Tobin Consulting stated that the streets in the BID area were 37% cleaner after the establishment of Dublin City BID.

To report a cleaning or waste issue call the office on 01 633 4680, our office is open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm. We also operate an out of hours Evening Crew that operate Thursday-Sunday from 8pm to 4am. To report an issue during these hours call 086 784 6199 or 086 784 6297.

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Graffiti Removal

International research has shown that graffiti serves as an invitation for antisocial behaviour and crime. When we first began removing graffiti from the city centre there was over 3,000 m2 of graffiti on business premises throughout the city. We continue to remove graffiti regularly and have removed over 20,000 m2 to date, which demonstrates the success of the graffiti removal programme.

Before we remove graffiti from your premises you must send us in a signed graffiti waiver form. Click on the link below to download the Graffiti Waiver Form, please fill it out and return it to: Dublin City BID, Level 2, O’Connell Bridge House, D’Olier Street, Dublin 2.

Graffiti Waiver Form

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Information Kiosks and Flowers

Dublin City BID has four information kiosks situated on Henry Street and North Earl Street on the city northside and on Westmoreland Street and Grafton Street on the city southside. These kiosks, which are manned by our Visitor Assistants, are a place where tourists and Dubliners alike can go to get information on Dublin including maps, bus timetables, directions and recommendations for accommodation, restaurants and activities in the city centre.

We also provide flower planters and hanging baskets for many of the streets in the BID area. These planters bring a splash of colour to the streets all year round and help to create a bright and welcoming environment.

Westmoreland Street Kiosk


View Dublin City BID Kiosk in a larger map

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Visitor Assistants

Part of our remit is to ensure that Dublin City provides a welcoming atmosphere to the thousands of tourists who arrive in our city every day. We introduced the Visitor Assistance programme in 2009. Our visitor assistants are well briefed on both the geography of the city and tourist attractions. Through the ‘Introduce your Business’ initiative they have had briefings from a large number of businesses in the BID area and are able to provide tourists with up-to-date information on where to stay, where to eat and all of the tourist attractions in the city. The warm welcome and helpful information they provide to tourists has resulted in many recommending Ireland as a destination of choice to their friends and family as well as many making a return visit. Below is a small sample of the positive feedback the Visitor Assistants receive.

“The reason I am sending this email is to say your ambassador David Connell saw us looking at a map and asked if he could help us, he was so informative we had a better knowledge of the city  he is a credit to you. Please thank him, keep up the good work.”

“Shortly before Christmas, during the big snow, I was in Henry Street, frustratingly looking for a particular shop and getting nowhere.  I spotted two of your Ambassadors and asked if they could direct me to the shop.  Not only did one of them, Paul Bredican, offer to help, he mentioned he knew the shop and then he actually walked with me to the premises in question, which was off Mary’s Abbey.  I was hugely impressed and very grateful.”

“ I would like to say what a pleasure it was to bump into you on 8/20/10. You were so helpful in informing my wife and I on the history of Ireland and all its wonders. I was very impressed with your knowledge of your beautiful city. Besides, your sense of humor is captivating! You are a great story teller. Your advice made our decisions in choosing what Dublin had to offer much easier. My wife and I are officially in fall in love with Ireland. If you ever come to visit to the USA I will return the favor.”

“With map in hand, I walked out to Grafton Street and Stephen’s Green Place and was greeted by a gentleman who introduced himself as a “Street Ambassador”.  This Street Ambassador proceeded to explain what his job entailed. His name was David Connell.  The reason I remember David’s name is because he was the most helpful, polite, cheery person I have ever met – including in the states! Not only did he clearly and concisely explain the easiest ways to get around Ireland, but Dave also helped me map out my itinerary of places to see….even picking out the most amazing places to eat. What started out as a dismal failure, turned into one of the best experiences of my life.  Everything he helped me with was spot on. As I said before, I am not a letter writer but could not help writing this one.  The invaluable Street Ambassador service you offer made me feel safe and secure in a foreign country.  I wish New York had something similar”

If you would like to take part in the ‘Introduce your Business’ initiative call the office on 01 633 4680.

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Street Entertainment

BID works hard to promote the city as a destination of choice for all demographics. Currently we are working at making the city family friendly.

We hold a number of promotions for kids and families which take place during the Summer, Christmas & Easter time. They attract thousands of children and their parents to the city centre to enjoy some free on-street entertainment, including giant Jenga, giant Snakes & Ladders and Connect 4.

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Christmas Lights

We provide Christmas Lights for the city centre and currently light 30 streets during the festive season. Every year we increase the number of streets that we provide lights for and 2012 will be no exception.

If you would like your street to be considered for Christmas lights please call the office on 01 6334680.

Please note that not every street is suitable for Christmas lights.


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